Friday, January 22, 2016

Desert Dreaming

Dreaming with our Sisters in the Desert
Spring 2016

Dear Sister-Friends, 

One of my favorite callings and deepest loves is to help create beautiful spaces where women can rest, heal, play and nourish themselves while connecting with other likehearted sisters. Due to the success of the sacred Mt. Shasta women's retreat last summer, I have decided to make the offering again; this time closer to home in southern California. This three day journey will take place in one of the most ancient and and sacred landscapes known as the Anza Borrego Desert. For this retreat, I am super excited to be joining forces with a beautiful friend and phenomenal herbalist, Layla Kristy Feghali to make this offering.

A retreat unlike any other, together we will intentionally enter the Sea Ania, the Yaqui word for our Sacred Flower World, which we will enter during the spectacular wildflower season. To enter the Flower World, is to enter spiritual time, where we meet the place of the ancestors and nature spirits to receive messages and gifts which will bless and enrich our paths. It is during this time and place that our senses are heightened, and we pay special attention to synchronicity, dreams and waking visions.

Please consider joining us this spring for what is sure to be a phenomenal and life-changing experience. I would love to dream along side you in the desert among the wildflowers!  For more information:

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In Beauty,